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    SKU: PT1879
    Manufacturer part number: PT1879
    Availability: In stock

    Part PT1879 LEVER for product AUTO PRIME XR (Code=90230). Note: This part will not fit the original Auto-Prime with the round primer trays.

    The old Auto Prime with the round primer trays was discontinued in year 2010. Service parts for this tool have since been exhuasted. If you are interested, you can take advantage of the Lee Guarantee, return your Auto Prime to the factory, and receive 50% off the purchase of the New Auto Prime or Auto Bench Prime plus $8.00 shipping. Include a note inside the box with your intentions, along with your name and phone number, and we will take care of the exchange. Your existing Auto Prime shell holders will work with our new tools.

    New Auto Prime $31.98, 1/2 price $15.99, Shipping and Handling $8.00, Total  $23.99.

    Auto Bench Prime  $41.98, 1/2 price $20.99, Shipping and Handling $8.00, Total  $28.99.